Life, books, and campus ministry

The adventure of life after college and doing full time ministry. I had been involved with Cru (the US name for Campus Crusade for Christ) throughout college in a variety of ways. I love seeing God work to bring people to himself, build them up in their faith, and sending them out to tell others about the redeeming love and abundant life He offers.

Now I'm new staff with Cru! I love what I get to do - invest in people and eternity. I also like technology, outdoor sports, movies and reading quality books.

Recent Tweets @cmmorrell

Ocean City, you were wonderful. Back in California after an incredible summer serving at #ocsp14. Hope to be back there sooner rather than later!

Student leadership team taking over! So stoked for them #ocsp14 (at Ocean City Baptist Church)

@bobfuhs receiving a standing ovation for the last 15 years of leading and serving Ocean City, NJ summer project #ocsp14 @cruinstagram (at Ocean City Baptist Church)

They humored me in our action group matching tanks (their #octpp letters are in black) #ocsp14 #octppphillyadventure (at LOVE Park)

This was before we started using the dishwasher without all the parts out back in, noticed the weird smell, got overwhelmed and jumped on the struggle bus doing clean up duty together. @ohines94 and @lydia_fern belting out Kelly Clarkson once Jill Fuhs helped us fix the washer was a game changer for the night. Then we went through a bible study about pride and performance. So yeah we bonded a lot last night #octpp #ocsp14 #cleanupstruggles (at The Ambassadors’ Inn)

Typical #ocpp action group selfie montage #ocsp14

Impact group! What about “the rebels”? #namelessimpactgroup #churchclothes #ocsp14